Data Security

Data Protection Act

EVA Limited is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office and processes data in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2018.

Registration number: Z1483633

What we collect and how do we use this information

EVA Limited will undertake the following activities in relation to the processing and reporting of pupils’ personal data.

Personal data relating to the name, gender, year group, DOA, year of entry, house, ethnicity, SEN Status, first language, gifted, LAC, EAL, FSM, FSM6, disadvantaged, service, attendance, late, form, proficiency level and postcode will be provided to EVA for the purposes of examination results analysis and progress tracking.

Personal data collected will not be used for any purposes by EVA Limited other than for producing reports on the examinations results and progress tracking.

It is recommended that schools/colleges include EVA Limited within their “fair processing notice”.

Data Encryption

EVA Limited use OpenText (formally Hightail) for transferring pupil’s personal data to and from schools. This file transfer is an secure encrypted file transfer system.

Fair Processing Notice

EVA Limited is aware that schools have an obligation to ensure that they are following Data Protection and GDPR guidelines and therefore recommend that schools/colleges include EVA Limited within their “fair processing notice”.