Firstly, the PANDA and Inspection reports can be used by your School Leadership Team, Form Tutors and Year Group leaders. These are the more popular reports with schools as it provides all the key performance measures found in your DfE PANDA and Inspection reports.  


Also, we provide additional school tracking and analysis dashboards in this report,  allowing you to further analyse any issues down to either subject, class or pupil level. These tracking and analysis dashboards also allow multiple level filtering and highlighting of data to produce your pupil intervention lists which can be exported into your school documents.


Secondly, the AS or A2 Scorecard reports can be used by your Subject Leaders and Class Teachers. This report has been designed to be easy to use, a simple selection and you get a one page summary for a subject, class or pupil. These scorecards can either be printed or exported as an image or PDF document. The scorecards are exactly A4 portrait or landscape in size.


Thirdly, the Ready Reckoner report provides you with the same information found in the DfE Ready Reckoner but in  a much easier format and is far easier to use. We can also provide the data to schools to paste directly into the DfE Ready Reckoner so you do not need to type in every subject entry manually.


Finally, we can support schools during their KS5 options process by supplying target ‘estimate’ grades for each new Y12 pupil. Using the L3VA model provides estimated grades at subject level and you can use these estimated grades to help  pupils choose options based on their prior attainment.


Key Reporting Features


  • L3VA Scores at a Academic, A-level, Applied General, Subject, Pupil and Qualification Type provided.

  • Tech Level Subject APS comparisons provided.

  • Transition Matrices for each Subject & Class provided.

  • A* to A, A* to B and A* to C and A* to E Grade Rates provided.

  • Best 3 Score, AAB2+, APS per entry, Tech Baccalaureate measures all provided.


Our reports allow you to see your performance measures broken down by key pupil groups. We now support multi-group filtering, for example, you can see how your White British Males are performing by filtering against gender and ethnicity.

Scorecard-Pupil KS5
Inspection KS5
Scorecard-Subject KS5
Scorecard-Class KS5

KS5 Reports