MAT Reports

MAT Reports

We have been working with various trusts (MAT)  over the last three years and developed an understanding of the importance of providing an overview of  their school’s performance. This tends to be provided at key points in the academic year so the trust can monitor progress throughout an academic year.

Firstly, we provide a Progress 8 RAISE report, with the ability to select individual  or multiple selected schools. This allows trusts (MAT) to analyse groups of schools, for example, schools in geographical regional areas.


Secondly, we provide a Trust report, with the same ability as the above RAISE report in terms of school selections but is designed specifically to show all schools together.


For each of the performance measures listed below we show you all the schools together, ranked in ascending order against the selected measure. Also, we can provide an overall score for the whole trust (MAT).


Key Reporting Features


  • Progress 8 Scores including element and pillar breakdowns

  • Basics Rate

  • English Baccalaureate

  • Geocoded mapping of the performance measures

  • Subject Family breakdowns


These reports allow you to see your performance measures broken down by key pupil groups. We now support multi-group filtering, for example, you can see how your White British Males are performing by filtering against gender and ethnicity.

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